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The 360 Review Now Closed For Peter Benjamin

Thank you for participating.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

You have been asked to complete this 360 Ministry Review on Peter Benjamin, hereafter called the  'participant'.  It's called a 360 because it cover all 360 - degrees.  It provides a holistic view. The feedback is generally asked for by the person to assist in their growth and development. The  360-degree feedback process will include feedback from people that report to the person,  peers (colleagues),  supervisor(s), and those participating in programs. The participant also completes the review and it is compared with what others are saying. Both the person being reviewed and their supervisor(s) will receive the results.

If you wish to set up a follow up call to add any additional comments, there is an opportunity to add that information at the end of the review.

Confidentiality & Anonymity. All responses in the survey or by phone are held in strict confidence by the 360 facilitator. The participant and their supervisor(s) will receive general feedback but no specific person or comment received will be shared.

In which context(s) do you have the most experience with the person? Choose up to 2.*


Value of input into your spiritual well-being.*
Effectiveness at verbal communications.*
Effectiveness at written communications.*
Effectiveness at leading a team.*
Effectiveness at leading a group study in the study of scripture (or related material)*
Effectiveness at leading a program*
Effectiveness as a listener*
Effectiveness as a discipler.*
Effectiveness in conflict resolution*
Do you feel the participant represents the church and its leadership to others effectively?*
How does the participant Influence your perception of the elders personally?*
How does the participant Influence your perception about the leadership quality and effectiveness of the elders?*
How would you asses the participant in his direction of the young adult ministry?*
What is your level of satisfaction with the participants service to you personally?*
What is the participants knowledge of scripture?*
What is the participants knowledge of God?*
Is the participant using his skills in serving the Lord?*
Does his personal character suit his ministry calling?*
Does the participant have a love for and intimacy with God?*
Does the participant have and draw you into experience with deeper Christian community?*

Please answer each question (if applicable) by using up to 3 bullet points or short paragraph.

Additional Comments