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High Performance Team Coaching / Supervisory Skills Workshop

October 18 - 19, 2016 / Montreal / ONLINE REGISTRATION & POSTER LINK

Recent Participant Testimony
“Prior to attending this training, I was a skeptic about how much I would actually learn. My skepticism could not have been more wrong. I learned so much about my interactions with my staff and immediately was confronted with how I've failed them. Starting work the next day, it was as if I was seeing my staff through different lenses. I know now why I was having issues with staff and it is because I didn't have the tools to properly address my staffs needs/wants. I now feel empower to create a culture of confidence in my office and that will lead to the productivity I seek to attain. Excellent work and an excellent training opportunity.”
"Very much appreciated! This training will significantly impact both our leadership team and our new young staff in their respective roles! I was encouraged by the simplicity and at the same time the depth of the learning. The common language, easy to remember analysis and practical examples provide an excellent learning platform for our organizational growth in leading others".
Each of three levels each corresponds to a mandate that requires users to put specific skills and knowledge into practice. The pedagogy underlying the simulations is akin to problem-based teaching or action-based learning: students are presented with challenges similar to situations in their everyday lives and provided with keys to reading the situation and intervening that allow them to understand why the situation is the way it is and to discover how they should deal with the challenge.

Level 1. Interactive competencies (2 days)
Climat-e simulation, World 1 - " Mobilizing a supervisor who is not performing " 
Objective: Take action with an individual using the 3A's. 
Level 2. Organizational competencies  and team leadership  (1 day)
Climat-e simulation, World 2 - " The Solution Committee "
Objective: Take action with a team, define new methods and process,  and move it forward.
 Level 3. Strategic competencies (1 days)
Climat-e simulation, World 3 - " Decision Teams "
Objective: Change departmental practices, attitudes and organizational culture.
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How does a supervisor or manager lead individuals, teams and departments towards higher involvement and higher quality? This question is raised by many who realize that theory cannot replace practical skills when it comes to leading people. The focus of this training is to go past theory and into practice. Participants will gain new insights on the use and misuse of authority and discover and apply practical ways to use organizational authority to lead individuals and teams to a new level of contribution.
The 2 day course went by quickly with a lot of engaging group activity that made the points come through very clearly. I got a better realization of my natural style of leadership and the pros and cons that come from it. More importantly, I came away with simple tools that will help me ask better questions and engage staff. The course was very interactive and forced application of the training immediately.
Director of Human Resources YU / Regina, Saskatchewan
" My experience with the 3a has been extraordinary. The management team still talks about their experience with 3A. For them, this is the new standard for which other leadership courses are judged. For me, it has helped develop and perfect the skills that are needed to be an effective leader in Public Services. "
Cheryl Grant, D.G., Natural Resources Canada
" What I have learned has changed my life. I use the 3As every day, and always will. "
Ian Matheson, Director General, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.