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Major Gifts & Legacy Giving Workshops In One Day

You choose to take both or just attend in morning or afternoon workshop

We have no scheduled dates planned for 2017 - 2018 but are open to be hosted in any region if there is enough interest. Email Gary MacDonald / 

Presenter / Gary MacDonald LINK

Major Gift Development Workshop
What will you learn?
What is a major gift?
Why donors give large gifts?
Identifying a major gift prospect.
Understanding the 6 intentional steps to take to ask for a major gift.
Ways to increase board engagement and ownership in major gift development.
How our sponsoring partners can assist in your success as a non-profit.

Turning Legacy Giving Upside Down
“Unlocking Extraordinary Gifts from Ordinary Donors”
Many charity leaders feel overwhelmed in the area of planned giving because of their lack of knowledge in the field which is filled with competent professionals. This workshop is designed for you! We talk about partnership with Gift Planning Professionals and /or Financial Planners and how you shape your message for maximum impact. 
The focus is for small and medium size charities who do not have a development department or staff. You will walk away with a plan to establish a full planned giving program by engaging key volunteers.