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Non-Profit Board Excellence Workshop
Principles and Practices that Work

If you are interested in this workshop for your area then send us a quick email today / 

Walks through the foundations that make a good board great. Just like your vehicle, you often get the best performance when it's taken in for a tune up. For many that attend, they consider this workshop a Tune-Up session in developing a healthy and growing board. It provides a platform to review a board at its best and identify the root causes of its success and areas of development. Best to come with some board members. (Full Day)
Special Bonus For Youth & Young Adults (16 - 35)
Youth want to make an impact in their communities and one way to do that is by actively participating in a local non-profit that interests them. The challenge is that they often lack the training on the expectations of a non-profit board member. Good News! Clearview is allowing any young person to attend the training for a nominal fee of only $10 (plus tax) as long as they have a desire to join a non-profit board of their choice sometime in the next 2 years. They still need to preregister.
Also available is Pre-Workshop On-Line Board Evaluation Survey. We give you the results of areas to focus on that are particular to your board.  It is an anonymous survey so comments are un-filtered and valuable. Extra Cost.