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To provide expertise, coaching and leadership in organizational development and change, engaging and mobilizing individuals at all levels of organizations.

Self-Managed Leadership 

A two day workshop that is based on self-awareness and teaches the skills of D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E. for creating and sustaining respectful, apreciative relationships.

Leadership In Action

A two day workshop that provides Life-Giving Leaders practical skills that help individuals and teams become self-directed and responsible.

The 3A's Leadership and Authority

Learning to apply behaviors of listening, questioning, telling and supporting strategically, in order to lead people to use their authority in a healthy way and take deeper ownership of their work.
Tools: 3A's model, 3A's Game

Strategic Team Building & Planning / Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an organizational development process or philosophy that engages individuals within an organizational system in its renewal, change and focused performance.
It is now a commonly accepted practice in the evaluation of organizational development strategy and implementation of organizational effectiveness tactics.
Appreciative Inquiry is a particular way of asking questions and envisioning the future that fosters positive relationships and builds on the basic goodness in a person, a situation, or an organization. In so doing, it enhances a system's capacity for collaboration and change.

Maintaining Balance In Times of Change

How to maintain balance and perspective in times of change by helping individuals to identify their areas of sensitivity to change, their support network, as well as to define strategies for navigating change more effectively.

Mastering Time And Organization

This module provides people with the basic tools necessary to maintain professional and personal organization. We work on attitudes, goals and prioritization, while at the same time developing planning and scheduling skills, discussing organization systems and coming to agreement on strategies to deal with time wasters.

Tools: Time Mastery Profile 

Leadership Competencies And Behaviors
Using the values of an organization as a basis, we teach the 10 key competencies of effective long-term leadership and connect them to organizational vision and values. We examine the competencies from the perspective of observable leadership behaviors and develop practical application plans as part of the process.
Tools: Leadership competency model

Career Resilience

This process provides an opportunity to examine present work activities from the perspective of personal satisfaction to assess personal values, long term career anchors, motivational skills, personality and learning networks. Through the process, participants are able to plan career and professional development in a way that leads to more personal fulfillment and true ownership of these areas which to long-term career resilience.
Tools: Career Anchors: Edgar Schein, Values Inventory, Motivated Skills card sort, MBTI, Job Satisfaction Matrix

Managing Stress

This module encourages participants to identify stressors and stressful events, as well as personal strategies they are using to deal with stress and to evaluate their effectiveness. It also provides personal insights and additional useful long-term strategies for dealing with stress.
Tools: Essi Stress Map

Building Winning Teams

Teaches the basics of being a successful team member: self managed communication. Provides clear definitions of teamwork and identifies characteristics of effective teams. Provides practical decision-making and problem-solving tools, as well as meeting management skills which participants are encouraged to apply in situational exercises.
Tools: LSI (Life Style Inventory), Group Style Inventory, Simulations, MBTI

Subsets Of Training Modules:

  • The training modules above include elements of the following subjects that we can offer as separate modules:
  • Personality types (MBTI) and leadership 
  • Personality types (MBTI) and leadership styles 
  • Problem solving and decision-making tools and skills 
  • Meeting management skills 
  • Interpersonal skills in business environments 
  • Delegation skills 
  • Conflict prevention and resolution skills 
  • Personal and professional effectiveness 
  • Dealing with diversity 
  • Quality Customer Service Skills 
  • Workshops For Organizational Change
  • Organizational Future Search 
  • Mission/Vision Building For Success 
  • Leadership and Change

Non-Profit Speciaties:

  • Board Excellence Model for Non-Profits
  • Board facilitation and workshops including online assessments
  • Major Gifts and Legacy Giving
  • Strategic Planning with Board & Staff